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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-part 2 Finale


The finale to Harry Potter films is absolutely fantastic. Throughout the years how the special effects have developed and how the children have grown to become great wizards. The finale is a great triumph and it gives the audience exactly what they want. Battle, blood, suspense, revelations, humour, romance and most importantly a happy ending after all that suffering dear Harry had to go through. In my opinion it is a great success and a must see on the big screen. The special effects do indeed make the film most enjoyable and surprise the audience at every turn. This is Harry Potter after all, nothing would seem too little for the style, over the top graphics and drama.

The much awaited kiss between Ron and Hermione finally happens and Lord Voldemort finally gets what he deserves. The film is excellent and has the audience enjoying every moment, and in the end we even get to see all the characters have children of their own. Harry Potter's son Albus Severus Potter is nervous about the wizard's school too, and the adventure shall now begin for him, the same place where it began for his father. Overall a wonderful masterpiece.


5 star review * * * * *


Bad Teacher


A high school film based around Elizabeth, played by Cameron Diaz, a teacher who does not care at all about her job or her students and is on the look out for a husband who can look after her. Along comes Scott played by Justin Timberlake. Elizabeth faces competition from a stuck up teacher Amy Squirrel played by Lucy Punch. The film is funny and Diaz gives everything she's got and ultimately, Bad Teacher is a good film but not something anybody would love to watch again. Once is enough as the storyline does not leave the audience wanting more.

Even though Cameron gives a great perfomance and Justin Timberlake has a good role to play, the film has no real storyline other than Diaz is a terrible teacher out to look for a husband, she sets her sights on Timberlake and the only way she can do that is by getting bigger breasts, and to get bigger breasts she has to get a bonus. Overall a good movie but still not one of Cameron's best films.


3 star review * * *




Bridesmaids is beautifully written and the performances are great. The film does create those laugh out loud moments and proves that women actors can do comedy. The direction is good and the constant humour and hilarious moments finally give Kristen Wiig the main lead role that she deserves.  It is indeed a rom-com; the film is fresh, funny, rude at times yet incredibly enjoyable. A must see for all people. The film is about how one friend has to deal with a set of different bridesmaids that are going to be at the wedding of her best friend.

Bridesmaids is an entertaining film, the reality of the situation can relate to many of us. The maid of honour duties, the organising of the wedding and the actual bridesmaids are rollercoaster, and this whole film is just amazing to watch. It is a film for the ladies and the comedy balances out the vibrant realistic characters with fun loving comedy.


4 star review * * * *