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If you would like information about the latest movies playing in Sheffields ODEON then visit Information and the timetable are also available on the website, and Happening Sheffield will give you a little peak of what is in store.


The one film everybody has been looking forward too. The conclusion to the most excellent film ever created. This is where Harry Potter will actually come face to face with Lord Voldemort. Definitely a film that is much loved and appreciated. For further information, times and details visit


Every students dream is to slack off and not do any work at all, but this film is the complete opposite. Here we have a teacher worse than any student. With a school, teachers and students, this film will definitely have you laughing out loud. For further information, times and details visit


A fantastic chick flick about how one woman handles a group of colourful bridesmaids to get together a perfect wedding for her best friend. This film has everything, fun, romance and laughter at every corner. For further information, times and details visit


We all remember Cars and the adventure of Lightning McQueen and the hilarious Mater, but this film takes everything up a step with the fantastic Duo taking on Europe and Japan. Mater has his own adventure with assisting his best friend and taking on a secret spy-mission. You Can always count on having a family fun filled time with Cars 2. For details visit


Transformers has become a worldwide sensation across the globe. With cars turning into giant machines fighting evil, this action adventure film has people jumping off their seats. Shia LaBeouf has once again shown how wonderful an actor he truly is. For further information visit


You ever think to yourself that I hate my boss and wish there was something I could do about it... Well if the answer is yes then this is the movie for you. Funny scenes, comedy and a whole lots of laughter just for you. Check it out for yourselves and make up your mind. For further information, times and details visit


Kung Fu panda 2. Po is back with another fun filled adventure this time facing another enemy. Alongside his friends the Furious Five, Po must learn the secrets of his past and learn inner peace, only then can he truly find the strength to defeat the villain. For more information visit