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Sheffield is a city in South Yorkshire, England. The name Sheffield originated from the River Sheaf which even now runs through the city. Sheffield is also known as the Steel City & has grown through its industrial history by working with steel. It is also one of the eight largest English cities in the UK.

Throughout the 19th century, Sheffield gained a growing reputation for its steel production & has become even more popular due to International events taking place in the Crucible and other main places in & around the area. The population of Sheffield increased during the Industrial Revolution & in 1893, officially became known as the City of Sheffield.

Throughout the 21st century, Sheffield has undergone a great deal of development & the economy has experienced steady growth. Sheffield is located in the valley of the River Don & its four main river lines are the River Loxley, the Porter Brook River, the Rivelin & the River Sheaf. A major part of Sheffield is entirely green space & a third of the city lies within the Peak District National Park. There are over 200 parks in Sheffield, Woodland areas & gardens which gave Sheffield the reputation as the Green City.