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The Sheffield Steelers


The Sheffield Steelers are a British Ice Hockey Club that were formed in 1991 & play their home games at the Sheffield Arena. They are also the members of the Elite Ice Hockey League & will be celebrating their 20th anniversary at the 2010/2011 season.

The Colours of The Steelers are White, Teal & Orange & the Head Coach is Ryan Finnerty. The General manager is Simon Hodgkinson & the Captain of the team is Jonathan Phillips.

The official website for the Sheffield Steelers is Here You could get the latest news & updates about Sheffield's Ice Hockey Team.


The Sheffield Steeldogs


The Sheffield Steeldogs are based out of the IceSheffield Complex & came into existance in the year 2010. They are a semi-professional Ice Hockey team & are the replacement team for the previous club the Sheffield Scimitars.

The Sheffield Scimitars were founded in the year 2002 & then taken over by the Steeldogs. The Steeldogs arena is Sheffields very own IceSheffield & the team colours are Blue & White. The Head Coach is Matt Darlow, the owner of the club is Shane Smith & the Team Captain is Lee Haywood.

The official webiste for the Sheffield Steeldogs is Here you could get the latest news & updates about Sheffield's very own Ice Hockey Team.


Also for the latest results in games visit