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Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) is one of Britain's best universities with the motto Learn and Serve. Sheffield Hallam has the reputation of welcoming hundreds of international students and national students every year. The university wads established in 1992, and now has a range of courses and faculties that provide the best education possible. It is also based literally a walking distance from Sheffield train station, the City Centre and Town Hall.

Baron Winston is the chancellor of Sheffield Hallam University and the vice chancellor is Professor Phillip Jones. There are over 3000 academic staff here and over 60,000 students, ranging from undergraduates to postgraduate study.

As well as being one of the best universities in Britain, Sheffield Hallam union is proud to present the student union Hallam Union which provides all the university students to unlimited access to events, services and a variety of activities.

Hallam Union is a non-profit organisation, so any money that is given through the many different clubs, parties and activities are reinvested into improving the services that they already provide.

There are six elected Officers who are elected by the students every year, who speak to all students, formally and informally to improve their time at Sheffield Hallam. There is also an independent Advice Centre for students who would like help on any given situation. Be it accommodation, studies, CV and work support.

Sheffield Hallam is definitely one of the most helpful, educational and supportive universities ever.

If you would like help on anything, or want to gain further information then why not visit Also why not follow them on twitter!/sheffhallamuni. And if you are a facebook addict, then check out!/sheffieldhallamuniversity

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